The 14. International animated film workshop this year was organized from June 17th to 24th.

In the workshop projects participated 19 young students from Vukovar, Zagreb, Senj, Koprivnica, Cakovec, Holzgerlingen (Germany) and Bratislava (Slovakia). Under the guidance of experienced animators Elena Kasavina from Ukraine and Maya Yonesho from Japan, young participants realized two animated films in total duration of 10 minutes.

The group who worked with Elena realized film IN BEGINNING IT WAS WORD, which was made in several different animated techniques (paintings on glass, animated objects, cut-out, drawing animation and pixilation), while Maya presented and explained to children her way of making animation, which is combination of drawings on paper and photography - the result is interesting film named HRVATSKA GIBANICA (gibanica = traditional croatian cake). Both films were shown at the last day of the workshop, together with SAF annual production and films made by workshop leaders.

Like every year, all guests spent one afternoon at picnic on river Mura, and enjoyed in swimming in famous spa Sv. Martin.

elena drawings from film IN BEGINNING IT WAS WORD

elena02 painting on glass in film and IN BEGINNING IT WAS WORD

planing of the film HRVATSKA GIBANICA

Elena Kasavina (Ukraine)
Graduated from Kiev Art Institute (major in architecture), courses of animation at "Kievnauchfilms" studio and courses of animators - directors-teachers at High courses of directors in Moscow.
Author of miniature THE MOST BEAUTIFUL in the series "We're women" (1988), film BOBE-MAISES (1993), project of 22 films ALEF - BEIT, scrip writer of the film GIMEL LETTER (director E. Sivokon. Since 1996 teaches animation in Karpenka-Kary's Kiev National University of Theater, Cinema and Television and does animation workshops for children in Ukraine and other countries.


Maya Yonesho (Japan)
Born in Hyogo, Japan. She has studied Visual Design and Animation at Kyoto Saga University of Arts. After working as an art teacher at a junior high school for 6 years, she returned to college to study Japanese painting and conceptual & media art at Kyoto City University of Arts and also worked for a children's TV program as a clay animator. She made her first abstract animated short film synchronized with 13 international languages under the theme " we can understand each other without understanding each language" when has studied at Royal College of Art, UK as an exchange student.
After receiving her MA of fine art (1998), she began making independent films include "believe in it" which has won the Excellence prize of Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan in 1998. She has stayed in Eesti Joonisfilm Studio,Estonia from 2002 to 2003 under Japanese Government Study Program for Promising Artists and Art Fellowships and has made UKS UKS with 8 Estonian bookbinding artists. She made a trailer of Tricky Women International Female Animation Festival in 2005. Her films has been shown at numerous international festivals and museums include Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, Germany and Design museum in Estonia.
She is also conducting various animation workshops. Currently she is making animated short series for Children TV programs of Japan.


images from film HRVATSKA GIBANICA

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