This year International animated film workshop and celebrating of 30 years anniversary of ŠAF is over. It was really an excellent week, with lot of happenings, screenings, exhibitions and fun.

With help and guidance of animators and quests:
James Clay from Austria, Eric Vanz de Godoy and Karine Jeannet from France, František Jurišić from Slovakia, Fernando Galrito from Portugal, Daniel Šuljić from Croatia, Yuri Krasny from Ukraine, Susie Wilson from Scotland and Dave Buronfoss from France, around twenty children from France and several places in Croatia realized three short animated films in three different techniques of animation. The topic for all three films were ŠAF logo (and 30 years of studio) and they were shown at the last day of the workshop together with the six short animations made by animators who worked in Čakovec in past years.
Besides a work in workshop projects, kids and all quests had opportunity to see and enjoy in some interesting places in Međimurje region.

During a week three screenings were organized:
- on Tuesday, June 21st ŠAF studio retrospective
- on Thursday, June 23rd the program of presented animators
- on Saturday, June 25th special program dedicated to 30 years anniversary and concert of ethno group CINKUŠI.
There was also a several different exhibitions (artworks and photos of former ŠAF members: Jura Bedić, Kristina Horvat, Krešimir Hlebec, Dušan Vugrinec and Milivoj Kuhar and documentary photos about past 30 years of ŠAF), organized in Čakovec Cultural Centre and some other locations in the town.

Here are the names of all animators that were our guests so far:

1. David Ehrlich - USA (1984, 1986, 1988, 2000, 2002.)
2. James Clay - Austria (1988.)
3. Alexandar Tatarsky - Russia (1988.)
4. Eric Vanz de Godoy - France (1990, 1995.)
5. Emmanuel Hee - France (1990.)
6. Bill Turner - USA (1990.)
7. Monique Renault - Netherlands (1998.)
8. Eduard Nazarov - Russia (1998.)
9. Karine Jeannet - France (1999.)
10. Alexandra Korejwo - Poland (1990.)
11. František Jurišič - Slovakia (2000.)
12. Fusako Yusaki - Italy/Japan (2001.)
13. Daniel Šuljić - Croatia (2001.)
14. Peter Szoboszlay - Hungary (2002.)
15. Fernando Galrito - Portugal (2003.)
16. Krešimir Zimonić - Croatia (2003.)
17. Yuri Krasny - Ukraine (2004.)
18. Irina Kodiukova - Belarus (2004.)

Ferando Galrito and kids
by shooting pixilation on Čakovec streets.

Making the cut-out animation - the group lead by Eric Vanz de Godoy.

Karine Jeannet checking a drawings

Four young quests from France with their teacher Dave Buronfosse , James Clay and Mladen Babic, president of ŠAF borad at the piknik on river Mura

Jasminka BIjelić, Susie Wilson, Karine Jeannet, Monika Vrtarić, Yuri Krasny, Eric Godoy and František Jurišič at the picnic

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