The leaders of this year workshop were IRINA KODYUKOVA
from Belarus and +YURI KRASNY from Ukraine. They worked
with two groups of children (from several places in Croatia and Čakovec), and together they realized four short animated films, one in cut-out technique STORIES ABOUT KOLOBOK, and three in technique of drawings on glass BRAVE HEART, UNUSUAL PICNIC and CHICHEN SEARCHES ITS MOTHER
- all together over seven minutes.

The films were shown on the screening, at the last day of the workshop, together with annual presentation of SAF films and special screening of the film CIGANJSKA - a professional
croatian animated film made by Davor Međurečan i Marko Meštrović, upon the music of popular croatian group CINKUŠI.
After the screening, CINKUŠI performed a short concert playing some of their most popular songs.
Besides this, one more screening was organized - on Thursday 24th of June, Irina Kodiukova and Yuri Krasny presented programs of their films.

During a week the participants and visitors could see the exhibition of photos from film CIGANJSKA, which was held in Čakovec Cultural Centre.

Unfortunately, the traditional picnic at the river Mura this time
was not as good and funny as usual - very bad and rainy weather didn't make possible to cross the river on the ferry, but still, neither such bad weather didn't spoil a very good mood and atmosphere which one could feel during the whole week.

a common photo of all workshop participants (right)
drawing from STORIES ABOUT KOLOBOK (down left)

Irina Kodyukova was born in Minsk, Belarus, in 1954.
She graduated at the Belarissian State University, Philological Department. She has been working in animation since 1971, as a scriptwriter, director and animator.
Winner of many International Film Festivals.

Yuri Krasny was born in Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine in 1946.
He is known as a succesful pedagogue experimenter, specialist in children's creative development by means of animated cartoons. His children workshops are appreciated among animation specialists in many countries. He writes books and articles on animation pedagogics.
He is the author of many TV programmes, specially on children's rights. He took part in UNESCO animation projects for children.
Yuri Krasny is a member of International Association for Animation Film.

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