The Workshop was held from June 22nd to 29th. The workshop leaders were: FERNANDO GALRITO from Portugal and KRESIMIR ZIMONIC from Croatia. They worked with group of twenty children from several places in Croatia and some SAF members.
During a week of very pleasant work, they realized two short animated films: WAKING OR SLEEPING, made in combination of pixilated and cut-outs, and STORIES FROM CARTOONCITY as a drawings on paper animation.

During the workshop two interesting screenings of animated films was organized, as well as the exhibition of the illustrations made by Kresimir Zimonic. All workshop participants and SAF members spent one amusement day at traditional picnic.


Fernando Galrito born in Samora Correia in May of 1960.
Cinema and video direction course with specialization in animation.(1983/86)
Licence in Anthropology, master in Culture, Communication and Information Technologies. (1989/96)
Master - Class in animation with Richard Williams (2000).
Director of animated films, documentary’s, video and films for planetarium, and theatre peaces.
Organize and direct workshops in animation for children, teachers and artists in different countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Canada, Brazil). Organize and direct the festival of animated films in Lisbon.
Communications in different schools and Universities about moving image, and the animation as form of pedagogies.
Collaborate with magazines, radio and television. Member of national and international organizations for animation.
Coordinate the Image Centre of the Gulbenkian’s Foundation in Lisbon, teacher of animation in the fine art and design school.

Krešimir Zimonić Born 1956 in Djurdjenovac (Croatia) Graduated at the School of the fine arts in Zagreb, studied at Zagreb Art Academy. Since middle seventies he has been working as successful illustrator and comic designer. In 1979 he started his professional work on animation, the first as animator and lay out designer and from 1983 he started to direct the films. He is one of the most known represent of young generation in the famous "Zagreb school of animated films".
Since 1981 he published comics and illustrations in more than 50 newspapers and magazines, illustrated more than 20 books and published three own books with comic collections.
He is author of many posters, catalogues and texts about the comics and animation. His works were presented at many exhibitions and for his work as illustrator and animator he received a lot of prizes and awards.
During a several years he was art manager of Zagreb film and from 1992 a board member of Zagreb Animated Film Festival.




common photo (above), Krešimir Zimonić with his group (left up), Fernando Galrito gives instructions for shooting (left miidle), drawings from films (left down), at the picnic (below)


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