The workshop was held from June 17th to 24th and brought together children from several places in Croatia from the clubs which were awarded at annual Croatian Children Film Festival and four girls from Italian town Monfalcone.
During one week of common work, with the help of experienced animators: FUSAKO YUSAKI from Milan (Italy), and DANIEL ŠULJIĆ, a young Croatian animator who lives in Vienna, they realized two short animated films.
The first group, working with Ms. Fusako, created film FLUTE, in technique of clay animation and second one, with help of Daniel did JOKES ON THE GLASS, a film made in specific technique of oil paint drawings on glass.

As usually, during the week, young participants of the workshop had possibility to see two interesting screenings: one with films of Fusako Yusaki and Daniel Šuljić and one where the films from the workshop were shown, together with new ŠAF films.
All guests and ŠAF members spent one day at traditional picnic, organized at beautiful premises in St. Martin on Mura.

common photo at the entrance of Čakovec Cultural Center

Fusako Yusaki was born in Japan, where she gained a degreeein creative design in 1960. In 1964, after winning an international contest, she settled in Milan where she attended the Academy of Fine Arts. Whilst furthering her three dimensional research, she investigated the concept of methamorphosis, applying the technique to the animated film, and concentracing above all on the use of plasticine.
In 1989. she was nominated to be on the jury at the International Animated Film Festival in Annecy (France), 1990 at the Hiroshima Festival and 2000 at Zagreb Animated Film Festival.
The complete series of her animated films are included in the collection of the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo. She is also a teacher of three dimensional illustration at the European Institute of Design.

Daniel Šuljić was born 1968 in Zagreb (Croatia). He has graduated at "Hochschule Fur Angewandte Kunst" in Vienna (Austria) 1997, with the film "Sun, Salt and Sea". Since 1998 he is member of ASIFA Austria. 1997 he realized the first proffesional animated film for Zagreb film studio - "The Cake". His films were shown at many international film festivals (Annecy, Hollywood Animation Celebration, Zagreb, Hiroshima, Stuttgart, Espinho, Sao Paolo, Utrecht...).

from the film FLUTE

preparings for the film JOKES ON THE GLASS

at the picnic

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