The 19th International Animated Film Workshop was organized this year from June 17th to 24th in premises of SAF studio and Cakovec Cultural center. The whole project was realized in cooperation with Croatian Cinema Club Association and with financial support of Cakovec City.
The workshop leaders were Eszter Szoboszlay from Hungary and Lena Chernova from Russia and they worked with 22 young participants coming from different part of Croatia and Czech republic. In very pleasant and creative atmosphere, they realized two short animated films: Lena's group made MONSTERS BIRTHDAY, a drawings on paper animation, and Eszter's group WELCOME TO THE MAGIC STREET, done as stop motion / cut-out animation.

Realized films were shown at the last day of the workshop, together with SAF new films and films made by Eszter and Lena.
During a workshop week, an exhibition of photographs from Eszter films and artworks from films made by Maria Horvath and Peter Szoboszlay from Kecskemet studio were organized in exhibition hall of Cakovec Cultural center.
After four days of very serious work on realization of the films, all participants spent one relaxing day on picnic around river Mura and enjoyed a swimming in popular St. Martin spa.




preparing a cut-out animation



checking drawings for film MONSTERS BIRTHDAY

Eszter Szoboszlay (Hungary)

Eszter Szoboszlay was born in 1979 in Budapest. She graduated at the Hungarian Fine Arts University in 2004, specialized in picture graphics. She has been teaching in an art technical school in Kecskemét since then.
She makes animated short films and TV series in Kecskemétfilm Company and makes graphics and illustrations too.

Fejlakók 1. rész / Head Dwellers Part 1 (2007);
Fejlakók 2. rész / Szomszédolás / Head Dwellers Part 2 / Neighbouring (2008);
Fejlakók 3. rész / Fejlakóelméletek / Head Dwellers Part 3 / Head Dweller Theories
Fejlakók 4. rész / Fejberendező / Head Dwellers Part 4 / Head Organization and Storage (2011); Boltosmesék / Shop Tales (2011).

 Eszter     Lena Chernova

Lena Chernova (Russia)

Elena S. Chernova, born 1962 in Ekaterinburg, studied at children's school of arts, graduated Moscow Engineering Institute of Light industry, continued her study at Studio "Pilot" Animation course, and Film directors' high school course (F.S.Khitruk & E.V.Nazarov workshop).
Elena worked for Moscow shoe factory "Burevestnik" as shoe modeler, as well as for Moscow animation studio "Pilot" as character layout animator, background painter, printing designer, and animation director. Later went on to work as an art-director at a semi-independent PR-agency.
Today Elena works as an independent animation director, as well as leading "Traditional animation" course for British Higher School of Art and Design (SCREAM school) in Moscow.

"About a girl." (2002), story writer, story director, art director
- special awards: 8th Moscow International Children's Animation Film Festival "Golden Fish", 11th Russian Film Festival "Okno v Evropu" ("Window on Europe"), 27th International Animation Film Festival Cinanima, 16th Zagreb International Animation Film Festival, 19th International Animation and Comics Festival; Grand-prix : 5th International Student Animation Festival PISAF; and KROK-2003, diploma.
"2+1=1" (2003), story writer, story director
-special award : 9th Russian Open Animation Film Festival in Suzdal; 1st place : 2nd International Art of Animation Festival "Multivision".
"Clever Daughter"
(2005), part of "Semi-precious stones Mountain" ("Gora samotsvetov"), story writer, story director, art director
-special awards : "Golden Eagle"-2005; "White Elephant"; "Nika"-2005 nomination; Grand-prix : 7th International Festival "Skazka".
"I won't tell you!" (2005), part of "Semi-precious stones Mountain" ("Gora samotsvetov"), story director, art director "Hare the Server" (2007), part of "Semi-precious stones Mountain" ("Gora samotsvetov"), story director
-special awards : ANIFEST-2008; MONSTRA Film Festival; "Golden Fish"-2008; International Children's Film Festival, India 2009.
"Road Traffic Rules" (2007) Social animation, story director
-special awards : KROK 2007, 13th Russian Open Animation Film Festival in Suzdal.

"Crazy Hair" (2008), story director "Soldier's Song" (2009), part of "Semi-precious stones Mountain" ("Gora samotsvetov"), story writer, story director
-special awards : 14th Russian Open Animation Film Festival in Suzdal, and other national awards; "Nika"-2010 nomination; Grand prix: "Golden Fish" 2009.
"Chuki-Kuki" (2010, unfinished), art director "Berry Pie" (2011), story writer, story director
-special awards : "Golden Fish" 2011; KROK 2011; Russian Open Animation Film Festival in Suzdal, 2012.


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