YEAR 2006


At the begriming of March (from 6 - 10) one very successful workshop was held in school MARTHE LEFEVRE in St. Quentine (north France). The workshop was lead by Edo Lukman and involved around 25 children who worked in drawings on paper animation and during five days realized two and half minutes long film HALUTINATIONS OF LEFLEUR, a new adventures of famous puppet characters from this area of France (last year similar workshop was done with same characters).
THe whole workshop was very nicely organized and the atmosphere was very enjoyable, both for kids and all teachers who helped that film was finish on time and shown at the last day of the workshop.
It is important to say that group of children also performed an original music that is included in the film.



Croatian Film Club's Association and ŠAF Čakovec organized from June 8th to 11th the 44. Croatian Children Film and Video Festival. The Festival was organized together with International animated film workshop and brought to Čakovec near to 200 young filmmakers and their teachers from around fifty clubs all over the Croatia.
Among 167 short videos made in all genres, an official jury selected 85, which were shown in seven festival screenings.
At the end jury gave ten equal awards for best videos, and the same did children jury.
ŠAF participate at the festival with five new films - all five were selected to the competition. Film THE WORLD IN CRYSTAL BALL was awarded by official and children jury, and the film ROSE by children jury.


Among many festivals where SAF films were presented this year, the 13th edition of Osaka European Film Festival has for sure very special meaning and importance. At the Festival, which main goal is to present European film production to Japanese auditorium and this year offered few very attractive programs: Japan Premiere Screenings with a choice of recent films from different European countries, Czech Retrospective Screening and Tribute to Luchino Visconti (together with an exhibition about his life and work),
SAF participated with a program of nine recent films, which were shown at around thirty screenings - one at famous Kansai Airport, three in Kids Plaza and the rest on Santa Maria boat. Besides this, Edo Lukman was invited to give two conferences - one for education professionals and parents interested in media education at Kids Plaza and another at Kobe University.
Also, he did one short workshop about cut-out animation for students of Osaka Designers' College. All this events were very successful and well attended so we are very happy that we had such nice opportunity to present SAF activities and show films to audience in Japan. We truly hope that this cooperation would continue, and there are already some plans that few students from Designers' College visit Cakovec and take part in one of future International Workshops.
Thanks to very kind organizers, during relatively short stay in Osaka, Edo Lukman had also possibility to visit some attractive places in and around Osaka (like temples in Kyoto, famous Bunraku theater, National Museum of Art etc).
More photos about Osaka Festival in galery>>>


By the end of May (from 25th to 28th) ŠAF members Jasminka BIjelic Ljubic and Toni Zadravec participated the 24th International film festival "Up to 21" which was held in Polish town Tarnów.
Six ŠAF films from recent production were selected in official festival screenings. Besides this Jasna and Toni had a chance to present ŠAF in special retrospective screening and exhibition of documentary photos and drawings from different ŠAF films.
The participation on this festival was pleasant experience and nice chance to introduce ŠAF activities to young filmmakers from this part of Europe.

tarnow Toni Zadravec and Jasminka Bijelic Ljubic in Tarnów


ŠAF films (specially a new 2005 production) continue to be presented at many international film festivals. So was also at the VIDEOTIVOLI festival which was held from March 7th to 12th in Finish town Tampere - www.videotivoli.fi
More than 600 short films realized by young filmmakers in ages from 6 to 16 years from over 40 countries were submitted for this year festival. All four ŠAF films were accepted and shown in the festival programs (WATER, HAPPY DAY, FUSS,MESS AND SCRUMBLE and FENCE).
Besides this festival, ŠAF films are invited to participate festivals in Australia (LITTLE BIG SHOTS), Portland and Los Angeles (USA) and Osaka Film Festival (Japan).


From June 12th to 18th in Zagreb was organized 17th World Festival of Animated Films, apopular ANIMAFEST. Like many times in past twenty years, ŠAF participate at the Festival, this time not with the screening of the films, but two ŠAF members were in international children jury (together with kids from Russian town Yaroslavl, who participated in the workshop in Cakovec, and few kids from Zagreb). Children jury seriously watched three screenings of films for children and decided to award film THE LITTLE MATCHGIRL by Roger Allers from USA.
ŠAF also help that exhibition of well known hungarian animator Péter Szoboszlay (illustrations, drawings from films and story boards) was presented at ANIMAFEST.
And finally, we were all very touched watching a documentary film about Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, a famous animators from Disney studio, who visited ŠAF in 1982.
The selection of the films in competition were really very good this time and the main prize, a Grand Prix won Joanna Quinn from Great Britain for her new film DREAMS AND DESIRES - FAMILLY TIES.

International children jury at ANIMAFEST


Last few months SAF films were shown at many international festivals.
By the and of June, two SAF films WATER and SPRING were shown at Melbourne LITTLE BIG SHOT Festival (Australia) and these days we've received information that WATER might be shown at Sidney Festival, as well as at one Festival in Singapore.
SAF is also invited to participate at next Little Big Shots Festival with some new films.
In August film ROSE were shown at 9. Auburn International Film and Video Festival for Children and Young Adults (Australia).
At MILL VALEY Film Festival (California, USA) three SAF films were included in special program (films made by kids from ten countries). The included films were: HAPPY DAY, FENCE and FUSS, MESS AND SCRUMBLE, what was also the name of whole program.+
Very successful presentation SAF had at Hampton International Film Festival (New York, USA), where seven films were shown inside YOUTH MEDIA PROJECT program and films WATER and BOY AND A DRAGON KITE were chosen as the best animations. Film TRES MUHERES will be also shown at special screening in Hudson (New York).

Finally, films ROSE and OBSESSION were shown at 7. TOTI International Festival in Maribor (Slovenia) and both get special diploma in animated films section.

In the meantime some new invitations came so the complete this year production is sent for VIDEOTIVOLI Festival in Tampere (Finland), and film WATER was invited to participate at East Lansing FIlm Festival (USA).

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