YEAR 2004


With the deepest regret members of ŠAF have received a sad news that Frank Thomas died on 8th of September.
Frank Thomas has had a long and distinguished career with Disney. He was animating Thumper and Bambi on the ice in Bambi (1942), Lady and Tramp eating a romantic spaghetti dinner in Lady and the Tramp (1954), and Mad Madam Mim in the Sword in the Stone (1963).
Together with Ollie Johnston, he was one of the first international visitor of ŠAF and Čakovec (1982), and many of ŠAF members will never forget that moments, having opportunity to talk with Frank and Ollie. For sure that was one of the most memorable happening in the history of ŠAF and a great stimulus for all of us to continue our work on animation.


frank thomas
The members of ŠAF with great attention listen the explanations of Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas. (ŠAF studio, June 20th, 1982)


This year children at ŠAF realized five new films - FENCE - different stories around the bench in a park, HAPPY DAY - a story about boy and his dragon kite which takes him to the cloud and his mom who try to rescue him, STORIES ABOUT PAMPLEK-CITY - a dozen of funny situations in a life of one pig, WATER - poetic short animation about spring made by girl aged 13 years and WINTER SLEEP - a story about bear who's winter sleep is constantly interrupted because of nearby hotel.
All five films were selected for Croatian Children Film Festival which was this year held in Zadar from June 3rd to 6th.
The official jury of the Festival awarded film WINTER SLEEP with the first prize and BOY AND A DRAGON KITE with the second prize in the category animated films made by children. The children jury gave two first equally prizes to ŠAF films WINTER SLEEP and PIGGISHNESS, and third prize to BOY AND A DRAGON KITE.
In the following months, all new films will be sent to several international children film festivals like Auburn, Chicago, Bourg en Bresse etc.

winter sleep

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